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About the Photographer

When Jean Karotkin was diagnosed with breast cancer, she found herself at a place in her life she had never anticipated. Refusing to give up or give in, she gathered the strength needed to hold forth against the disease and, in the process, turned her tragedy into triumph, both professionally and personally.

Ironically, breast cancer gave Jean the power to make the sort of decisions and life changes that she never thought she could manage. She heard women relate their fears of no longer being attractive, no longer being whole, no longer being feminine and recognized that it was their stories that she wanted to document using her own newly developed talent in fine art photography.

Connecting with others around the country, Jean began using a medium-format camera to photograph women affected by breast cancer.  Based on her affirmative vision, she published “Body & Soul: The Courage and Beauty of Breast Cancer Survivors” (2004).  Previous to that, her photography was displayed in national publications like O Magazine and Rosie Magazine. She also appeared on the NBC Today Show with Ann Curry.

Jean’s images for Rosie Magazine won The Society of Publication Designers Award in 2002. Her work has been featured at numerous exhibitions in Dallas, as well as in Santa Fe, NM, and at the Houston Center for Photography. Galveston Arts Center presented a solo exhibition of her Mirrors collection during the International Festival of Photography, FotoFest 2008.

Jean Karotkin is based in Dallas.